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Brandis Raley Ross

Brandis Raley-Ross is a 10 year veteran of professional basketball leagues all across the globe. He is currently a Combo Guard for the Eastern Long Lions of Hong Kong, China. Before his professional career, Raley-Ross graduated from the University of South Carolina as a four year Letterman with a degree in Sociology. He is also co-owner of Immaculate Training, providing athletes around the world with skill development and opportunities.
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Aaron Jones

As a 6’9″ Forward from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Aaron Jones is currently in his sixth year of playing professional basketball. He attended the University of Mississippi and studied Psychology, Education and Criminal Justice. He was a four year Letterman for the Rebels, collecting 412 rebounds and 139 blocks which places him third all time in school history. Jones has played on teams around the world, including Germany, Finland, China and most recently signed with Bilbao in Spain
“I was introduced to imperial health CBD this summer. The first day I used the products, my knees and ankles were sore. I put lotion on the affected areas and now I use it every time I feel like there is any sign of soreness. I rate imperial health products 5/5 and will forever support their business. I know for a fact I will continue to use this company’s products even when I am done playing basketball.”
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